Who is fooling Who? Church wars, testimonies and lies

Who is fooling Who? Church wars, testimonies and lies

Confusion is now rampant in the church as prophesies and counter prophesies


The ethical and moral standards of some church leaders have been called to question many-a-times. Indeed, in a world of 24-hour news media, there has never been a more poignant time to reflect on the words of Paul to Timothy, that this epoch that we live in.

1 Timothy 3:14-15 – These things I write to you….so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

In a world of nonstop news and instant broadcast and distribution of news it is paramount for those called to lead as church and spiritual leaders to conduct themselves impeccably always. Church leaders are after all supposed to be examples pointers to Jesus Christ and moral pillars to society.

Confusion is now rampant in the church as prophesies and counter prophesies are wantonly dished out left right and centre. It is no longer a secret that there is a cold war if not some civil war going on in the prophetic churches as the battle for dominance rages on.

Whatever, the reasons for this war civil or cold what the outside world will focus on is the disunity in the Christian church while the Christians affected will measure the moral standing and the integrity of the leaders involved. Below is the video of Apostle Jerry Makananisa reprimanding prophet Rodds.

The somewhat inconsequential prophet named Rodds has sparked interest, if not for his turncoat tendencies, but his new narrative. Prophet Rodds who at one point testified that he was delivered by Apostle Jerry Makananisa from some demonic spirit. Then went on to champion a campaign to expose false prophets on Youtube. Watch the clip below.

The conduct and lifestyle of modern-day Christian leaders is always under scrutiny. Whether they be in public or private their actions are of interest to the public. Their dealings in public or in private all constitute news, such is the nature of a world in constant need of scandal and 24-hour news reporting. Therefore, those who have been called to preach the Gospel should exhibit Godliness and integrity. Otherwise anything to the contrary constitutes scandal and therefore bad news and to the world that is real news. Below is another clip by Rodds this time he says he was manipulated?

The world watches those who claim to follow Jesus Christ and as such any dodgy behaviour by those in leadership ultimately affects the effectiveness in proclaiming the Gospel to reach souls for Jesus Christ.

Therefore, there must be some form of Christian ethics and standards. Indeed, principles, and broad guidelines that Christian leaders must observe. Ethical practices that are biblically upright, honourable, moral, lawful, above-board, and full of integrity.

Ministry is a call to serve both God and people. Understandably, these minsters of the gospel are firstly accountable to God, but also to church members and those who receive ministry. Thus, the public will question the behaviour and integrity of church leaders. The issue in this day of celebrity preachers is that wealth and fame have overtaken integrity. Uprightness and honourability now have a price tag. Ethics are seen as restricting and archaic.

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Commenting on this issue Christian author and journalist Brilliant Pongo said,

“Leadership in all its dimensions must always be accountable. It is essential that man and women of God (minsters of the word) act responsibly in the best interests of those they serve.

Prophets and Pastors should be able to demonstrate some evident virtues that correspond and not contradict the message they try to communicate to others. Moral failures, so common among ministers, reveal a huge gap in the sphere of ethics. These accusations, allegations of sexual impropriety may or may not be tools used in the current battles for dominance in what you have termed ‘Christian civil war’. But sadly, the reality is these issues create a huge gap that most Christians and most importantly, the would-be Christians, find difficult to square the circle with regards some of their leaders.

In most churches issue with regards misconduct mostly occur in the areas of sex, money, and power. If integrity in one of these is compromised, the ministry is in danger of losing moral standing.

Integrity, authenticity, credibility, and competence should be addressed if it is lacking in the life of a Prophet or Pastor. But the trouble with this generation is that some of these leaders have become too proud and pompous. Each thinking he or she is closer to God as opposed to the one trying to give them counsel and thus, cannot be reprimanded by someone with less members or less money. It a shame really we need more father figures who can reprimand and counsel without fear. We basically need someone to end this senselessness it is becoming a circus and it is bringing disrepute to the body of Christ. Way too many young prophets seeking fame and fortune rather than preaching the word” Said Pongo