Weekly Dosage of Inspiration by Tsepang T. Nare

Weekly Dosage of Inspiration by Tsepang T. Nare

The fear of the unknown


Tsepang Nare onward christian RadioThe fear of the unknown

Benjamin Disraeli says, ” ACTION MAY NOT ALWAYS BRING HAPPINESS, BUT THERE IS NO HAPPINESS WITHOUT ACTION “. A man once called single men from his village to his homestead. He told them that he had a beautiful daughter who was old enough to be married. Furthermore, he said he would sponsor them in terms of wedding preparations as well as offering them sufficient capital to start their own business as means of surviving.

However, there was a task that needed to be completed in order for the ideal person to marry this princess. The task was simply to swim from one end of the pool to the other, and he who is first to come out or reach the end would have completed the task. That seemed like a relatively easy task to all men, so they quickly took off their clothes and were left in shorts so as to swim with great ease. They lined up facing the pool and as they were all about to dive in, they saw alligators being thrown into the pool from above. It immediately gave them a chill in their spines and smiles suddenly changed.

They became hesitant to dive in and some decided to let it go if it meant putting their lives on the line. When it seemed as if the challenge was rather too difficult, one of the young gentlemen who was there took it upon himself to do it when others had already called it quits. He jumped in and everyone was left gasping for air and in no time, he had reached the other end of the pool. It left many puzzled until he had to divulge what appeared as a mystery to many. He told them that those alligators we not real but were made of rubber and leather so that they seem as if they are real. Upon hearing this, many were left shell shocked, but the fear of the unknown had gripped them.

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Such is similar to what you are perhaps encountering. An opportunity has arisen but instead of you embracing it and making maximum use of it, you start making your own calculations, you think far which ends up making you to resort to letting it pass by. This would have resulted from a clouded judgement, mindset being manipulated to an extent of anticipating failure when the trial phase hasn’t been done. Most failures result from having the fear of the unknown. One has the unwillingness to give it a try simply because he has the mentality that he cannot do this, or this is not meant for me.

Moreover, happiness is not a result of getting something from the next person, but it is attributed by giving someone what you have to offer. Similarly, it is in deeds but not in what is left undone. In other words, happiness involves an action that will possibly enable you to obtain an expected or desired result. Now how will you be happy when all you do is sit idle at home and not attempt to lodge your application letters attached with your CVs to various organisations. Just because you have an ordinary certificate at secondary school with a foundation certificate in computers, yet many have Diplomas, Degrees, Masters Degrees and PHDs you start weighing yourself down and telling yourself you are not worthy to be classified as learned. That is what will compel you to stay confined in a corner and thereby missing opportunities that come by and many more.

Honestly what benefit does it serve you to be fearful? Remember that fear is what makes you not act and in return that does not bring you happiness. However, when fear is eliminated and courage including confidence takes its place then you will always be willing to act which is what might enable you to find happiness.

It is time you stopped limiting yourself. It is time you stopped letting opportunities that were meant for you pass by because you have no guts to take a stand. You are a barrier to your breakthrough and a chain that binds you not to take steps in your pathway to success. You are like an incorrectly labelled road sign post that diverts your direction all this as a result of your fearfulness. Unless you try, unless you act and unless you change then you shall forever live in an unknown outcome because of not attempting. If ever you choose to change, then surely happiness shall locate you but let’s hope it won’t be too late. Cheers