Weekly Dosage of Inspiration by Tsepang T. Nare

Weekly Dosage of Inspiration by Tsepang T. Nare

Send an impactful message that will move masses and transform lives.

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Send an impactful message

One of the greatest gifts God gave to some is the gift to express themselves through writing. It may be writing short stories, poetry, comics or being a diversified author. An author or unpublished writer who is into story writing takes into account how a story should begin. Adding suspense and intrigue so as to keep the reader’s eyes fixed and holding the book tightly as anticipations take place. He or she also focuses on how the story is to end yet making sure the message in the story is well conveyed and can be understood. As the story is clearly expressed, there are chapters in that book. A certain segment or part of the story has its own chapter and so do other chapters. Meaning to say the book maybe divided into chapters, but the story still continues till the end. However, the important question that remains is what message is contained in that story?

Such is similar to the life we live here on earth. As we live each one is telling a story based on one’s life which has already begun, or which is yet to begin to those who have not entered mother earth and has an end upon exiting this earth. What makes up your story includes how you conduct yourself, your attitude, character and behaviour in general. In order to know and understand the story in the book, one has to read and make his or her own analysis. Whereas the story of life is all about making your observations then draw your conclusion upon analysing.

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In every good story, there is something to learn from it, that you should hold onto and make use of later in life. Likewise, those who surround you be it friends, colleagues, relatives or acquaintances, observe you as you go about your day to day life. They want to get a message through how you act, in your deeds and in what you say.

Everything you know, you have been taught by someone or you have seen it happening thereby being aware of it. Regardless of it being good or bad, you have learnt it from somebody else. Now have you pondered and wondered about the message are you spreading out there about your life that people can adopt and make use of? Is it safe to say that you are like the waves that transmit positivity, or you transmit negativity, and can it be noted through the number of people who aspire to follow your footsteps?

Let someone say it’s all thanks to you that my life is the way it is due to the positive impactful message you transmitted. We have heroes and heroines of good works whose lives came to an end long back yet up to this day and age many are still trying to follow their pathway during their journey of life. Their stories are never to be forgotten instead they remain printed in the minds of many and safely stored in their hearts as they hold onto them because such stories of life are a source of Inspiration and a driving force. These are the stories of people like Abraham, Enock, Jacob, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and many more. Remember that someone, somewhere is watching you, so be a driving force towards excellence and change. Send an impactful message that will move masses and transform lives. It is possible to those who aspire to make a lasting and significant difference. Yes, you can. Cheers