Weekly Dosage of Inspiration by Tsepang T. Nare

Weekly Dosage of Inspiration by Tsepang T. Nare

Success is what we all yearn for.

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Climb your ladder to Success

Success is what we all yearn for.  We have specific areas where we want to succeed in depending on one’s level in life.  An employee wants to succeed through promotion,  while a college student wants to obtain a plethora of either distinctions or credits and a prominent business person wants to see his or her business grow from strength to strength and getting good profit margins.  Regardless of the fact that the area in which one wants to excel in varies, one thing in common is taking steps that will lead you to the success you want.

Many people fail to reach the level they want or to obtain expected results because they want to reach to the top before they have even taken the first crucial steps at the bottom.  The road to Success is like climbing a ladder.  A ladder has steps that one has to climb on step by step.  When doing so,  caution is to be exercised till you reach the top.  If you climb the first step then jump onto the fourth one,  you are most likely to lose balance and fall.  If you don’t stick to the steps that you ought to follow then you might lose focus or find it impossible to make it and end up giving up.

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Patience and focus is needed when climbing your ladder.  Being eager to succeed instantly like the instant coffee will not be worth it as all good things come only to those who persevere. Losing focus while on a mission to succeed is a clear indication that other steps have been missed during the process.  Moreover it is wise to note that,  reaching the top does not happen overnight instead it’s a long way to get there.  The tools to carry with you so as to make it at the end of the day, are to have an unconquerable spirit that never fails but keeps on pushing and to be on a mission to defy all odds and surpass all barriers that are a stumbling block.

What matters the most is to take each step with caution and focus not only on reaching the top.  This is because without these two fundamental aspects, reaching to the level your heart desires will be a thing of the past. Never miss a step despite how small it maybe or unnecessary to take it because it is only those who take each of the steps before them who keep moving. Step by step you shall get there through progress and surely you will make it as long as you tell yourself that yes I can! Stay blessed.