Uebert Angel turns Botswana to Christ with Good News

Uebert Angel turns Botswana to Christ with Good News


In an epic service which was beamed live across the world on Miracle TV and Good News TV, Uebert Angel held a powerful church service dubbed the Botswana miracle night.

Introducing his ‘spiritual sons’ to the world Uebert Angel, said ” I am about to unleash my sons to the world. We are the biggest prophetic cartel” Accompanied by his Sons, Prophet Edd (The specialist), Apostle Miz Mzwake (Ironman) and Leon du Preez.


The over-subscribed conference, gathered thousands of people from across Botswana and many who had travelled from across Africa, Europe. Several signs and wonders were demonstrated as the power of God was made manifest. People were healed of Hypertension, sugar diabetes and all manner of ailments in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prophet Uebert Angel emphasised at each Miracle and healing that Jesus was the healer. Prophetic words were spoken lives were changed situations were turned around, as prophetess BeBe Angel, took to the microphone and gave forensic prophecy it was a prophetic buffet. However, the centre of attention was the man in the yellow jacket prophet Uebert Angel he flowed in the prophetic he demonstrated the power of God.

Miracle money which he pioneered four years ago right here in Botswana was back with full force, hundreds of thousands of Pula appeared in people’s wallets and bank accounts yesterday in a night of supernatural activities.

Prophet Angel invited thousands to turn their lives to Jesus Christ. ” No gathering is complete without leading man to Christ” Said prophet Angel. Many were won to the Lord on this historic day.