Uebert Angel Provokes A Reaction

Uebert Angel Provokes A Reaction

A fashion icon who has transformed pulpit dress sense and in recent years has given millions to charity in the same vein.


Uebert Angel, is a name that provokes a multiplicity of reactions. From adoration to hate and in the larger part envy.

Multimillionaire, prolific preacher, Prophet and philanthropist, there is no arguing he is a rich man, and the preeminent figure of the modern day Prophetic movement. A fashion icon who has transformed pulpit dress sense and in recent years has given millions to charity.

An acerbic critic of poverty, this controversial leader has pioneered not only the modern day prophetic movement but he set the tone and dress style for many preachers young and old in our generation.

The king of understated dress, Uebert Angel explains why great style requires charm, confidence and a dash of daring.

Love him or despise him  Uebert Angel will forever be celebrated as the man who, in his time and generation, has freed and still freeing many-a-preacher and Christians alike from wearing dull and boring suits, with unimpressive rigid tailoring.

A celebrated style icon in his own right Uebert Angel ripped the guts out of oversized jackets and did away with padding filled blazers to create a looser, more fluid look in superior fabrics, from fine wool to lightweight linens and soft Italian cottons. Angel, sparked a revolutionary moment in pulpit fashion; one that changed the way men of God dress for ever.

The prophetic pioneer and fashion trendsetter unpicked the seams of structured tailoring and paved the way for more casual dress codes, bringing refinement, style, flamboyance and elegance to an arena otherwise previously dominated by men with greasy hair and oversized shinny suits.

A proponent of the prosperity gospel, Angel’s version of power dressing is not about ostentation and self-aggrandisement, but rather it is aimed to seduce, marking a move towards a new luxury ideal: that of fashion being just one branch of a broader, more discerning prosperous Christian attitude.

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Angel drives the desire for elegance and flamboyance in the new breed of progressive Pentecostal Christians. He has promoted a prosperous lifestyle for modern Christians, propelled by a timeless aesthetic that continues to be the touchstone of his universally powerful brand in this generation.

There is no doubt he has influenced a positive change in the way preachers dress. Everyday thousands of young and old preachers fashion themselves after Uebert Angel. ‘Emeritus’, as he is known in Christian circles, is all about prosperity and progress as he remains faithful in Christ Jesus. He has brought a distinct brand of elegance and fashion to the pulpit that has seen three major Italian brands in the richest parts of London enthrone him as their brand ambassador.