This week on 7 Questions Brilliant Pongo speaks to Pastor Tim Justus

This week on 7 Questions Brilliant Pongo speaks to Pastor Tim Justus

I later moved to Estonia for my MBA. There I met with my beautiful wife Natalie a gift from the Lord


Throughout the ages, teachers have been known to play dynamic roles in the lives of great men and women. Much more can be said about teachers of the word of God. The power of an excellent teacher of the word of God is unparalleled. An attempt to describe it in a single article would indeed be nearly impossible.

All the same, having been an academic and teacher myself for number of years, I’ll venture to make a feeble attempt. Who can be described as an excellent teacher of the word of God? Basically a teacher is someone who teaches or imparts knowledge, an excellent teacher is one who goes beyond the realms of a knowledge-provider; in fact, an excellent teacher goes above and beyond the basic role of imparting knowledge. An excellent gospel teacher evokes a hunger for change, prompts the all important decision to transform and change one’s ways. Akin to the account in Acts 2:37. An excellent teacher had taught the word of God.

‘Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and said unto Peter and to the rest of the apostles, Men and brethren, what shall we do?’  

I have sat and listened to Pastor Tim Justus teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and I can say he is an excellent teacher of the Word, indeed a great expositor of the word of God. He is graced and blessed by the Holy Spirit. When pastor Tim teaches, it is as if he was present when that scripture was written. He has an ability to bring any verse of scripture to life. It was therefore an honour and privilege to have the humble man of God on 7 Questions with Brilliant Pongo.

I began by asking Pastor Tim to briefly tell us about New Season International Ministries and the inspiration behind starting it.

Pastor Tim: 6 years ago, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, New Season International Ministries (NSIM) was established with the vision of God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven and also to be a light to the nations and to tell those who mourn that the NEW SEASON OF GOD IS HERE.

We had very humble beginnings, our first rent came from our very last savings. We struggled, but by the grace of God we were able to put together whatever money we could get our hands on to forward the work of God. Our first members were my wife, our son Anointed and our daughter Grace we were then expecting Gloria, myself, two Pastors and a friend.

I know that when God calls you and gives you a mission and a vision, He provides the resources. Indeed, we have had provisions and we are still moving forward with New Season International Ministries.

We know you are a multi lingual pastor, making an impact in the kingdom of God, but who is Tim Justus?

Pastor Tim: Pastor Timothy Justus Yusuf is my full name and by educational background I hold a Masters degree (Msc. Finance and Banking), I studied in Ukraine.

I am originally from the northern part of Nigeria Kaduna state. That is where grew up and lived before my admission to University in Ukraine, where I learned Russian fluently.

I later moved to Estonia for my MBA. There I met with my beautiful wife Natalie a gift from the Lord.

Tell us about your journey thus far in ministry, what major challenges if any have you faced and how have you overcome them?

Pastor Tim: Wow! This journey started a long time ago, however for the purpose of this interview let me highlight a few special moments along this ministries journey thus far. Estonia where I received a vision for an evangelical crusade, through the miraculous working of God, great and marvellous things then happened in my life. I can testify that in spite of adversity and the challenges, ours has been a wonderful journey guided by God.

I can’t go in detail now, but I can assure you that since then I have seen God moving powerfully in my life. Another point I can highlight was right at the commencement of the journey only 3 months into the ministry NSIM won 5000 souls in one meeting in Pakistan. Many miracles were wrought through the Holy Spirit on that day and we witnessed a lot of healings and deliverance at that meeting. That is one of many days I can highlight along the journey thus far.

Challenges are always there. However, we are able to overcome. NSIM, is a very diverse ministry with almost 20 different nationalities congregating together in one place. Not all understand good English. For example, we have Polish, Romanians, Russians, Bulgarians and Indians, as attendees, however God is miraculously speaking to the understanding of all. Other challenges in the ministry are building unity and building up true and dedicated leaders.

Let’s talk scripture if you were asked to share three just three scripture verses to someone hearing of the gospel for the first time what would they be?

Pastor Tim: This really varies with many ministers, there are some ministers who have a formula to your question but at the time I have someone to minister to I ask the Holy Spirit to give me a start instead of jumping into John 3:16 but my conclusion has always been Romans 10:10-11. I have found my start always differs to everyone else’s. The Lord uses me most in prophesies and word of knowledge just an item some hold in their hand could reveal a situation in the person and that is my start, it is through revelation.

England is a nation that is not very prayerful you have evangelised in the high street in your town how receptive are the people of Slough to the gospel of Jesus Christ? 

Pastor Tim: I tell you this, for the past ten years I have been on the street evangelising here on my high street in Slough, it used to be hard due to some people of other faiths who come to disrupt you without the intention of listening to you. So, we developed a tactical way in which we don’t stop to take any questions when we preach the word till we are finished. We noticed that we always get disruptive, people who come with questions, whose answers they don’t really need. And since we employed the new tactics we now see more people coming to listen to the word of God and we even pray openly with people on the high street. Bit by bit we are planting the seed of the word of God in the hearts of many. Indeed, many people are joining in, even when we say the Salvation prayers. And for that we can only praise the Lord.

We all have people that inspire us to do and become better at what we do role models. Who inspires you as pastor Tim? And why?

Pastor Tim: At the beginning of my ministry I had a dream. In this dream, I was back in my home town and was so thirsty. I went to a shop to buy water. I bought the water and drank it immediately, Mr. Pongo, I have never ever had a more refreshing and tasty bottle of water like the one in my dream. I enquired from where the water came from and I was told crystal clear “KENNETH COPLAND MINISTRY”. Since that day you can’t get me out of his teachings I watched and listened even while washing up or in the toilet day and night.

Carrot cakeSecondly, I had a member from my congregation who left and said to me she will be attending church in Birmingham (TGNC). I asked is it a good church? She said yes, again another time she asked me ‘Pastor I want to sow a seed and I am feeling, I should sow in Birmingham.” Then she told me the name of the prophet at this church. She said his name is PROPHET UEBERT ANGEL. I had heard very little about him, but I had never seen him. I said if your heart tells you so please do not waste time do it as soon as u can.

Sometime later the same member called and invited me to come to a meeting where this Man of God (Uebert Angel) would be ministering. My wife and I attended and there I came face-to-face with the prophet of God and he ministered to me a super natural prophetic word. He revealed such deep things to me I was left with no doubt he spoke the oracles of God.  I knew that only God can reveal such deep revelation. That night I saw POWER. In my spirit, I said a wish to be mentored by this servant of God. Today Major Prophet Uebert Angel is my mentor and my wife is mentored by prophetess BeBe Angel.

So, what’s next for Pastor Tim Justus? What is the legacy that you want to be known for when all is said and done?

Pastor Tim: If TRUTH can be counted legacy, I want to be remembered as a man of truth, integrity and a man of faith in God