The Gift of Prophecy is not exclusive to those holding the title...

The Gift of Prophecy is not exclusive to those holding the title ‘Prophet’; God can speak through anyone

A true prophet dares to speak the heart of the Father, to heal His precious children.


transformers these prophetsJesus Christ gave the ministry of the prophet to the Church, to build her up and make her mature. This ministry works alongside the other ministries that Jesus gives to His Church: apostels, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers.

A true prophet dares to speak the heart of the Father, to heal His precious children.
One hallmark of a true prophet is true love and humility. This is the nature of Jesus Christ. When you see pride, self-exaltation and a cold heart, you know something is very wrong. Look for the true heart of Jesus Christ, the character of God. A prophet may be very sharp, powerful, with the voice of thunder and fire, but the heart is always tender and full of compassion.
There is one such man in Zimbabwe, a man who has been speaking the voice of prophecy and whose prophesies have all come to pass with amazing accuracy thus far.

The leader of Divine Kingdom Baptist Church astor Ian Ndlovu is not one to brag about his pinpoint accurate prophetic words. He is not one to rush to the Media when his prophetic words come to pass. He is an authentic Prophet who has thus far demonstrated this hallmark of humility and love.

Zimbabwe has a lot of people claiming to be Prophets some are just prefixing the title to their names without authority.

The anger of God is mainly against False Prophet who not only take advantage of the people’s plight to enrich themselves and some even abuse their positions of influence to sexually abuse and manipulate vulnerable women. Remember this. Jesus was only angry towards the HYPOCRITS, the religious leaders who used the people for their own profit.

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There is much more to say. But it is important that find the places where true prophets are, who truly speak the heart of the Father that is both the tender, comforting heart of the Lamb as the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who wages war against deception and falsehood in the Church.
Seek them, ask God to lead you to the right people.

I fully encourage you to go as often as you can to pure prophetic meetings, where you sense the Truth, with is the wonderful person of Jesus Christ. No hype, no show, no man-pleasing, but the reality of Jesus Christ, who brings purification, love, comfort and healing.

Season pongo Onward christian radioHow can you know that a prophet is pure? Ask yourself this question: Does he prophecy only what people love to hear? (I see money coming to you, I see prosperity, I see wealth, I see health ) Always flattering things? Or does he also unmask sin and deception? Does he also say things  that challenge the status qou of the church and call for the church and nation to become more mature and free?
Does the prophet only say things that ‘bless’ people? Or does he also say things that confront the flesh, and perhaps cause people to be mad at him?

There are Prophets out there who are humbly working to empower people with the word. People who do not even use the title prophet, but are truly speaking the will and mind of God.

Don’t fall for the false prophets who have fashioned themselves as prosperous and only enrich themselves and manipulate their congregations by deception and false promises of untold wealth to come, I see wealth around the corner. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.