Former Government Hitman Reveals Scheme to Criminalise Uebert Angel

Former Government Hitman Reveals Scheme to Criminalise Uebert Angel

Zimbabwe's politicians need to stop fighting genuine Men and women of God


The origins of the biggest bombshell yet in Zimbabwe’s unending corruption scandal was unravelled just before Christmas.

Confessions of former Deputy chairman of the Special Advisory Board on Indigenisation and Empowerment, appointed Special Interest Councillor to the City of Bulawayo, Mr. Fidelis Fengu have shocked the Christian community particularly the prophetic movement.

In a signed statement issued to Onward Christian Radio by D. N. [Ncube Corporate Communications Executive for Fidelis Fengu and Associates (PBC)] Mr Fengu explicitly explains how he had been personally hired to besmirch the character and the person of prophet Uebert Angel among other Christian leaders, revealing that this was an account that he personally handled.

“We handled a number of sensitive accounts and are proud of some of the work that we have done while regretting other accounts we handled. We would like to take responsibility for our role, as directed by our clients in the character assassination of various personalities and entities such as Prophet Uebert Angel and Spirit Embassy. Unfortunately due to Non-disclosure agreements we cannot divulge who the client was, but we are at liberty to divulge some of the things that we did under these accounts to ruin Prophet Angel’s reputation.

Our smear campaign against Prophet Angel included trumped up criminal charges which were laid through our agents we planted to infiltrate the Spirit Embassy Church, we created rape allegations, sexual scandals, criminal scandals and even tried to ensure that we break up his marriage and church on behalf of our clients. At one point in November 2014 we bugged his Graniteside office through Martin Mandizha our agent who frequented the office at our behest in search of incriminating evidence against Uebert Angel. Prophet Angel’s only crime was refusing to do certain things for certain politicians who then approached our entity to find ways of punishing Uebert Angel.” Reads part of the statement.

In an effort to get to the bottom of this scandal Onward Christian Radio pressed Mr Fengu to reveal the identity of the said politicians however, he retorted that he was still constrained by contractual obligations and as such there were still issues he could not disclose.

Mr. Fengu disclosed that his company also targeted political figures and that they had a large network that spread the breath of Southern Africa.

“We have a wide network that is active in 7 countries and this has helped us spread rumours regionally and enhance our character assassination efforts, making us a consultancy of choice to anyone who has an axe to grind with public personalities. We not only targeted Men of God, but also targeted politicians, businessmen and models.

Former Minister Nicholas Goche who was falsely accused of plotting to assassinate the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, an accusation which was engineered by one of our clients and fuelled by our efforts and lead to the dismissal of Cde. Nicholas Goche from his ministerial and politburo positions. There are many others from different fraternities who have been victims of our targeted attacks on their personalities. We sincerely regret our actions and sincerely apologize to everyone who was adversely affected by our activities. These include Minister Lazarus Dokora, Hon. V. P. Cde. E.D. Mnangagwa, among several others.” The statement adds.

In a wide ranging interview Onward Christian Radio’s Brilliant Pongo spoke to Mr Fengu seeking a comment with regards this statement and he said:

“Zimbabwe’s politicians need to stop fighting genuine Men and women of God. It is a shame that politicians use all they can to engineer the demise of genuine Men of God leaving impostors to flourish.

Zimbabwe needs Prophet Angel, his business acumen is creating employment in other countries and creating a positive ripple effect on the GDP of other nations that have embraced him.”

Through the statement issued by his company Mr Fengu also sort the forgiveness of other men of God he singled out Prophet Makandiwa and Shepherd Bushiri in particular.

Mr Fengu also spoke of how his company had played a part in the disruption of leadership of Christ Embassy Church in Zimbabwe. Christ Embassy  is led by pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

“We also extend our apologies to Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa , we created the rumors that he had been to Kwaku Bonsam in Ghana where he received powers to perform miracles. We also started the rumors that the United Family International church logo was satanic and represented satanic symbols, among other things. We targeted Prophet Makandiwa because he refused to fund certain political activities that had been initiated by our clients.

We were also behind the problems that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri faced with the government of Malawi. We circulated a rumor that Major 1 was planning on running for President under an MCP ticket after Reverend Chakwera had failed to win the Presidential election. Through our wide network we ensured that false news on Major 1 reached the ears of high ranking DPP officials in Malawi. IN 2016 we circulated a video of Kembo Mohadi at ECG and this was in line with a dubious poster we had circulated online that linked Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to a business breakfast with Emmerson Mnangagwa the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, all this done on the request of our clients.

Protect the Harvest;Defend the Harvester Onward Christian Radio
Protect the Harvest;Defend the Harvester

Christ embassy has also suffered splits in Zimbabwe due to the rumors we spread , and created internal fights between pastors there on the request of our clients who knew what they would benefit from the splits. It is unfortunate that this statement will not reverse the damage done. We do sincerely apologize for the trouble we have caused, in these institutions and the lives of the targeted personalities.” The statement read.

It is not known how Mr Fengu’s former principals will react to this disclosure.

Meanwhile all the man of God mentioned in this shocking scandal have remained mum opting not to comment on this.



  1. God of Major 1 forgive him & his company for all evil things they did on your servants ooooooh my goodness