Prophet Walter Magaya is a Public Figure; We will call his behaviour...

Prophet Walter Magaya is a Public Figure; We will call his behaviour to question

Prophet Magaya confronting Witchcraft

Cowardly reactions, no matter what their excuse, leave a bad taste in the mouth. Recently Onward Christian Radio, was swamped by protest emails from faceless cowards who accused us of publishing an article that allegedly attacks the character of Prophet Walter Magaya. We argue otherwise, here is the link to the article in question ‘Prophet Magaya Messed Up; only way out is to come clean and be repentant’ this is not an attack on his character. The opinion article simply calls to question the behaviour of a public figure and supposed ‘man of God’.

Below is the statement from Onward Christian Radio’s editor in response to the alleged attacks on Prophet Magaya’s character:

“As a Christian News Website, we must not applaud bad behaviour or bury our heads in the sand when a man of God does wrong. As a reputable Christian News Website, we will call a spade a spade anything to the contrary would be a dereliction of our duty.

It is unfortunate that some people, especially ignorant people, would want to punish us (OCRadio) for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being reporters. We will never apologise for being correct, or for seeing things differently. We hold a different view with regards this article compared to those who are members of PHD ministries.

However, when we are right and we know it, we will report what is there. We do not create news or comment and opine on non-existent issues. Our reporters are professionals who report events and scandals without fear or favour. Our commentators are afforded this platform to express their views and opinions freely, even if they maybe minority views or unpopular within the Christian circles, the truth is still the truth.

Christians must not avoid telling each other the truth. As editor of Onward Christian Radio, I think the article is very much in the public interest and there are clearly moral and legal issues that must be interrogated given Prophet Magaya’s standing in society. We believe that the opinion article is justified. Indeed, the article points out ill behaviour, which is very newsworthy (the man admitted an affair and paying 10 thousand to a whistle-blower) that’s the gist of the article. So, to those who think this is an attack on Magaya please seat down and relax. We are very much within our rights to call to question the behaviour of this public figure (anointed or not).

The article in question is simply an opinion article by an OCRadio reporter commenting on a video of Prophet Magaya’s confession which is available on the public domain and is currently circulating on social platforms. It is not made up, watch the video and judge for yourself.

Season pongo Onward christian radioAs a Christian news website, we will continue to report and share opinions without fear and we will expose all shenanigans and any form of abuse in the Christian circles. We are after all a Christian News Website. We take it upon ourselves as a Media organisation to report honestly and responsibly. We are an independent organisation not influenced by any individual church, but we serve a community of Christians.

We are a platform open to all Christian denominations and as such we allow for a diverse views and opinions and allow for free expression of views.

If those from Prophet Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries feel that our report is an attack on their leader, we offer no apologies but afford you the platform to clarify issues raised in the report and set your side of the argument for the benefit of the public, indeed Pandora’s box has been opened.”