Prophet Sovi unapologetically living the Jesus lifestyle

Prophet Sovi unapologetically living the Jesus lifestyle


Prophet Sovi unapologetically living the Jesus lifestyle

In a world where young people live for Facebook likes, Instagram dms, and twitter followers there is a rise of a new breed of unapologetic young preachers living what they call the “Jesus lifestyle”. These preachers are using these robust real-time social media platforms as a means of fulfilling the great commission of preaching the gospel and turning the hearts of man toward his maker.

With audiences strewn across the world preachers spend hours on end on their devices sharing the word of God. Putting our smart devices on flight mode I sat down to a cup of tea with an influencer of this tech generation Prophet Isaiah Sovi and I began by asking him what this new craze is all about?

“Social media is a tool that brings the world closer and gives preachers like me a virtual space where I am able to interact with people on a personal level, share the word of God, encouraging one another while allowing the important aspect of feedback. Your see in a church setting the only response to the word is always AMEN.  Feedback gives the audience room to seek clarity on certain issues. As you know this walk with Christ has those who are like babies right up to the matured Christians who are fed different meals at different times” explained Prophet Sovi.

I had to know why he chose social media as opposed to the traditional church.

“Being sent to minister the Gospel rarely comes with grand pulpits so after preaching on the streets and in public places around my country of birth Zambia and in South Africa where I’m currently based. I sought innovative ways and platforms of spreading the word of God. There is no greater place than the virtual space where 9 billion of the 3.4 billion active internet users are on Facebook along. Launching my social pages in 2012 I began sharing whatever God would put on my heart and in a few weeks the page’s followers started to increase to nearly 20 000. I found myself missing many nights of sleep, meals and sometimes a shower or 2 as I shared the word of salvation. I remember chatting for hours to people who logged onto the page from countries where being Christian was near criminal. I knew then I found my calling” said Prophet Sovi.

He added that he does not dismiss the traditional way of doing church saying he will be launching his church IMPERIAL CITY CHURCH in early 2017. “The word of God is so important that we cannot limit ourselves to single platforms of ministry. “ICC will be launched first in South Africa and will spread across the world”.