Prophet Jay Israel Senior Proving to the world that Miracles are God’s...

Prophet Jay Israel Senior Proving to the world that Miracles are God’s Undertaking

Miracles are commonplace in this church lead by Prophet Jay Israel,


Prophet Jay Israel onward christian radioSpirit Life Church in East London South Africa is no ordinary church. Miracles are commonplace in this church lead by Prophet Jay Israel, a leader who can get you all excited about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the promises in this good news. He has the gift and the power to perform miracles as promised in the Holy Bible.

Prophet Jay Israel whom many consider a thoughtful speaker. is a soft spoken but powerful teacher of the word of God. He has a burning passion for scripture and when he starts to preach he has an amazing ability to relate to ordinary people—his charisma—has made thousands in South Africa particularly in the East London area to flock to his church.

The 24 September 2017 seemed like a normal Sunday, but what set it apart were the extraordinary miracles demonstrated at Spirit Life Church. Miracle money was made to miraculously appear, and it appered in the Bible of a young man who was in attendance that day.

“Tell me one thing that you want?” Prophet Jay Israel asked the nervous looking young man. “A job” he responded. “where do you want to work?” the prophet inquired. “at a radio station.”

Prophet Jay Israel, then prays for the young man to get the job he is looking for. He instructs him to go and get the Job in the name of Jesus Christ. What then follows shocked the entire congregation watch the video below.

Prophet Jay Israel has been faithfully serving the people of East London using the gifts that God has bestowed upon him as a prophet. He has brought relief and comfort to many families through his gift of prophecy. The sick, have been healed of mysterious illnesses and many freed from spiritual and demonic attacks.

Commenting on the video and modern-day miracles Christian author and commentator Brilliant Pongo (aka God’s author) said: “Miracles in Scripture are acts of God that proclaim his sovereign power over creation as well as his commitment to the good of his people. Miracles are often significant because they serve a larger purpose in God’s redemptive plan, testifying to the authenticity of God’s messengers who bring his revelation to humanity. This is one of the primary functions of miracles in the scriptural narratives: When miracles occur, they give evidence that God is truly at work and so serve to advance the gospel. Miracles authenticate God’s message and his messengers.”

I know prophet Jay Israel personally said Pongo, “He has been brought from nothing to something by the grace of God and therefore, when I see him performing such miracles, I know it is God’s way of authenticating not only His message, but, also Prophet Jay Israel who is indeed a servant of God.”

Pongo went on to say “Many contemporary Christians feel disconnected from the vibrant, Spirit-filled ministries of the prophets and apostles described in the Bible. In the Old Testament, God seemingly took the people of Israel through miraculous event after miraculous event. In the New Testament, those who watched the ministry of Jesus were seized with amazement at the miracles he performed (Luke 5:25), and the apostles in the early church regularly performed signs and wonders among the people (Acts 5:12).

Yet today, such miraculous events seem rare and, when we do hear reports of miracles, many Christians are sceptical. At the very least, most Christians feel there’s something different about the way God worked in the Old and New Testament periods and the way God works today.

This raises a valid question: Why don’t most churches experience today the miracles we read about in the New Testament? Well I will answer that its very simple really! most churches have closed themselves out of prophecy and miracles because they don’t believe this is still possible many say it ended in Bible times, one couldn’t be further from the truth than hold such a view.”

However, this point doesn’t mean that miracles have ceased today. Indeed, as Pongo argues, “There is nothing inappropriate in seeking miracles for the proper purposes for which they are given by God: to confirm the truthfulness of the gospel message, to bring help to those in need, to remove hindrances to people’s ministries, and to bring glory to God.”

Miracles still happen, and Christians should avoid the two extremes of seeing everything as a miracle and seeing nothing as a miracle. Prophet Jay Israel will be live on Bay TV channel 260 on DSTV every Sunday 2:00 Pm to 2:30 Pm Premiering Sunday 01 October 2017.

Don’t miss it this is your chance to see a blessed man a prophet who speaks oracles of God and performs miracles to authenticate God’s word.


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