Prophet Jay Israel Senior promises to redefine the prophetic at the Perfume...

Prophet Jay Israel Senior promises to redefine the prophetic at the Perfume Service  

a special midweek service dubbed the 'Perfume Service'


Miracles signs and wonders are definitely a big part of his service, but the leader of Spirit Life Church, Prophet Jay Israel senior offers more for his congregants.

Prophet Jay, will hold a special midweek service dubbed the ‘Perfume Service’ on Thursday 12 October 2017 at No. 8 Atlas Rd, Arcadia, East London South Africa.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio, Prophet Jay Israel Senior said:

“I’ve been known as a Prophet for a great part of my life. It is definitely a big part of my existence. As a matter of fact people know me as a prophet but, it is God who called me a Prophet. There are many prophets out there doing all kinds of different things. This service, I think, will define me and will set me apart as a man of God. There is a big difference between men of God and boys of God. Miracles and wonders never seen before will be performed at this service. I want to redefine prophecy,” he said.

Prophet Jay Israel took time out of his busy schedule while preparing for what he has called the service not to be missed, to speak to Onward Christian Radio about what congregates can expect from his Perfume Service in East London.

“It’s going to be me backed by the hosts of heaven and lead by the Holy Spirit. You know, I probably do a great job teaching the word of God, that’s already an established fact. But after this service you will speak of never before seen miracles and wonders all wrought forth in the name of Jesus Christ, this Perfume Service will definitely add a different fragrance and a new dimension to the Prophetic.”

Prophet Jay Israel Senior, has been a prominent prophet in East London for a while now and his influence is going beyond South Africa, with a growing audience on BAY TV which airs every Sunday at 2pm on DSTV. His reach has grown exponentially and many people are now ranking him with other great prophets in South Africa. Indeed apart from the likes of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri there is Jay Israel Senior the man who has blazed not only Mdantsane but South Africa with a new wave of the prophetic.