Prophet Jay Israel Adds Flavour to Televangelism

Prophet Jay Israel Adds Flavour to Televangelism

Evangelism is our call to share our faith with our neighbours and friends


Prophet Jay Israel Senior premiered on BAY TV channel 260 on DSTV last Sunday 01/ October/2017 and surely add some pizzazz and an air of elegance in televangelism.

Prophet Jay Israel Senior is a preacher skilled at awakening religious feelings in his audiences and for several years he has used open-air stages to promote his Christian beliefs and to enact the emotional process of repentance from sin and heartfelt commitment to God, amongst those to whom he has preached.

With most of the world going digital and technology taking over all forms of day-to-day life it was inevitable, Prophet Jay Israel a great preacher of the word of God on the African Continent would soon be evangelising via means of television.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio about his venture into televangelism Prophet Jay Israel said

“The way I see it evangelism is evangelism, you have qualified it as televangelism because of the medium we are using to share this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ. But whatever methods of device you use the bottom line is there is nothing quite so straightforward and yet so complicated as the task of evangelism. Evangelism is our call to share our faith with our neighbours and friends, these days we have a range of options to use as platforms. I am excited to be on BAY TV you can catch me on Channel 260 on DSTV every Sunday 2:00pm, so don’t miss it.”

As television fast becomes a staple of African culture in this digital age, a growing number of Pentecostal preachers are embracing the new mass media platforms to deliver their messages. Prophetic ministries, too, particularly in Southern Africa have taken to the airwaves, following after the pioneering leader Prophet Uebert Angel who utilised the new medium of television to demonstrate the compatibility of miracles and television through his trail blazing Miracle TV. Through this pioneering Christian TV channel many African led channels have mushroomed and as such many miracles and jaw dropping insightful sermons are being brought right into the living rooms of many families across Africa.

Channels like Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Prophetic Channel now command a huge audience and are viewed by Millions not only in Africa but across the world.

Prophet Jay Israel Senior is the second spiritual son of Major Prophet Uebert Angel, after Shepherd Bushiri to air his ministration on a platform with a multi-million global viewership and reach. BAY TV has a world wide audience via Satellite.

Satellite, cable, and Internet technologies have offered new opportunities for evangelical outreach and made increasingly sophisticated forms of presentation readily available. This technological expansion has also fostered the development of niche programming—shows devoted to biblical teachings, and miracles and prophecy, for example—as well as the extension of televangelism’s mix of entertainment, self-promotion, and missionary outreach to the world via these platforms is now readily available.