Prophet Isaiah Sovi has dishevelled a few feathers; jealous clergy try to...

Prophet Isaiah Sovi has dishevelled a few feathers; jealous clergy try to get him arrested

We have obviously made a big impact as a church and ministry here in Botswana


The leader of Imperial City Church Prophet Isaiah Sovi has truly taken Botswana by storm. The vibrant and energetic Prophet has ruffled a few feathers and rattled some cages in the church community. His brand of preaching and accurate prophecies has attracted the Christian community in Botswana, resulting in huge numbers flocking to his ministry.

Hobnailed by the exodus of congregates from their own pews a group of local pastors’ sort to call for Prophet Isaiah Sovi’s arrest. The local pastors concocted spurious charges in an effort to derail the growing movement and revival that Prophet Sovi has ignited in Botswana.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio Prophet Sovi said: “I have not been arrested, that in itself is part of the defamation onslaught that some elements who are unfortunately masquerading as Christians seem to be pushing to the local media. We have obviously made a big impact as a church and ministry here in Botswana. A few lazy supposed ‘Christian leaders’ are shaken by what we are doing. Which begs the question are they really for the Kingdom of God? Else why would they cry foul if people are turning to God because of what our ministry is doing?”

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The Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) which is a special unit of the Botswana police, questioned Prophet Isaiah last night, with regards his church operations in Botswana after it had been reported by some pastors as operating illegally. However, Onward Christian Radio has it on good authority that all the alleged charges were baseless and the police had no reason to arrest Prophet Sovi.

Imperial City Church, has had to move to a larger venue to accommodate the swelling numbers in the last few weeks as hundreds upon hundreds flocked to hear Prophet Sovi’s erudite exposition of scripture and witness miraculous healings which demonstrate the power of God.

Commenting on these sad events Christian author and commentator Brilliant Pongo said “it is always sad to see this. I term it Christian civil war and almost always the aggressors are usually clueless unimaginative leaders who think they own congregates and forget that people belong to God. No one can steal people or congregates from a church. Christians are not inanimate objects like furniture which can be lifted away to another church. We are talking here of people wise and mature enough to make informed decisions. They can make a decision to go to a church where they feel and see the evidence of God’s power and presence” Pongo said.

Pongo went on to say, “In the Christian world, we can find all sorts of powerless and clueless pastors with nothing but envy and jealousy, they cannot even take an issue to God because they have no idea how to access him instead the concoct bogus charges and bring in the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) to fight a spiritual war? These are crime fighters not spiritual fighters you can’t fight the grace of God and win.”

The millionaire serial entrepreneur business mogul and Prophet will be live on Botswana TV presenting the Botswana Music Awards gospel category tune in to BTV.


  1. Indeed it feels like we are in a Christian civil war. Sons of the Prophet Uebert Angel we will always win and take over.