An Ordinary Man from Congo, But by God’s Grace he is a...

An Ordinary Man from Congo, But by God’s Grace he is a Prophet

an ordinary man doing the extraordinary


Prophet Mega Jeremie MayaGod uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways for His glory. Such is the case with Jeremie Maya a Congolese native born in Kinshasa DRC. Prophet Jeremie, started ministry in 1999, he now is an international prophet with a fast-growing ministry.

Jeremie Maya demonstrates the Lord’s power to heal, with great tenacity. With more than 18 years’ experience of ministry under his belt, Jeremie’s love for people exudes. Jeremie’s growing understanding of the ways of God causes him to see more of the glory of God. His anointing for healing is strong. He has an unmistakable teaching gift.

He now leads Impact Prophetic Ministry International with branches across the world. (USA, India, Botswana, Swaziland, South Africa and D.R. Congo).

He is an ordinary man doing the extraordinary

Indeed, God can take an ordinary man and use him in the most extraordinary of ways.

At first it may seem that that statement isn’t quite right and you may not believe it. However, Prophet Jeremie has been doing extraordinary miracles and wonders in the name of Jesus Christ.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio about the miracles that are taking place in his church prophet Jeremie said:

“Besides the greatest miracle of all, the miracle of Salvation, the free gift of eternal life, so many have testified of restoration, healing and powerful deliverance miracles. I give all the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, multitudes have been healed from sicknesses, delivered from evil spirits and wholly restored to the person God always meant them to be.”

Prophet Jeremie has a powerful anointing for healing and deliverance ministry, the Lord uses Him powerfully to demonstrate the power of God, through signs of Healing, Deliverance and miracles.

Affectionately known as Mega Prophet by his growing congregation, Jeremie Maya’s fame is going global.

He is healing and performing amazing miracles

Prophet Jeremie has been praying for and healing the sick and performing amazing miracles demonstrating the mighty hand of God as the lame are made whole and those who came in wheelchairs into church push their own wheelchairs back home.

Prophet Jeremie has had a long journey in ministry. Like many modern-day prophets, he suffered persecution, experienced failures, and witnessed disappointments, but prophet Jeremie let none of these detour his heart’s course. He stood steadfast in his beliefs and resolved to see the Lord’s blessing in his life, especially in the areas of healing, deliverance, and impartation. As prophet Jeremie stands at the platform, voice confident and arms animated, the shadow of the man Jeremie used to be has vacated, replaced with the visage of a man self-affirmed and confident in his place with the Lord.

After all Mega Prophet Jeremie serves an all-powerful God of possibilities the same

God who took a shepherd boy and made Him King of Israel. The same God who used a donkey to deliver a message. God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways. Jeremie Maya of Impact Prophetic Ministry International is indeed an ordinary man used by God to do great and extraordinary things.

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