Money answereth all things Prophet Isaiah Sovi set to launch Cryptocurrency

Money answereth all things Prophet Isaiah Sovi set to launch Cryptocurrency

Isaiah Sovi is a serial entrepreneur who is not afraid to take the lead


On a sunny afternoon in an auspicious office in Sandton, South Africa away from the blazing hot African sun outside, we sip on ice cold beverages in a state-of-the-art office equipped with sophisticated gadgetry, most prominently a mega-sized flat screen smart board, over a meter wide, which Isaiah Sovi uses to chart the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies in HD.

He is in business mode today. But he takes a few minutes to talk to us about the imminent launch of Sovllion Digital Coin, his own version of cryptocurrency. The leader of Imperial City Church is a very shrewd business mogul he is the CEO of IBS Consortium which houses a number of companies which he has built up piece by piece over the last 5 years.

Isaiah Sovi is a serial entrepreneur who is not afraid to take the lead. He has a habit of breaking records and loves to be the first at many things. He is arguably the youngest and probably the first Zambian to own a cryptocurrency. Having paved the way and already running a Forex brokerage firm (IBS FOREX PRO).

Onward Christian Radio can exclusively report that Prophet Isaiah Sovi will be launching his own cryptocurrency coin called Sovllion Digital Coin. Responding to a question posed to him by Onward Christian Radio as to why a man of God, indeed, a prophet was so involved with money matters.

Prophet Isaiah Sovi said:

“Money answereth all things,” said Solomon. We have a similar saying. We say, “Money talks!” The Bible is not against money in itself nor is it against the lawful possession of money, even in large amounts. It is not money which is at the root of all evil, despite the fact that a great many people misquote the Apostle Paul’s words. It is the love of money which is at the root of all evil. I am a businessman and I engage in legal practices and make clean money and in turn fund my Ministry even the gospel needs proper funding it doesn’t run on holy water or the contributions collected from congregates. Christian leaders must engage in real business and make money to fund church activities and their ministries. Get involved in creative financial work.”  

There is certainly big money to be made in cryptocurrency Prophet Sovi has developed a digital currency in the lines of Bitcoin which was designed to be a peer-to-peer currency, free from interference from government and central banks. Bitcoin was launched in 2009, however, the African market, where government interventions are common.

The pioneering clergy man-cum-business mogul is something of an anomaly in the cryptocurrency circles, where the general mood is one of evangelical faith in the currency’s potential, especially in African economy where the governments often devalue their national currency.

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For many in these unstable nations particularly in Africa Sovllion Digital Coins will be a lifeline for those who hope to be safe from the volatility of some of the national currencies. Zimbabwe is a case in point its own currency collapsed years back and they still do not have a currency of their own.

There has been a significant rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies across the world and in most parts of the developed world big corporate companies now accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a method of payment and as such legal tender.

Prophet Isaiah Sovi’s Sovllion Digital Coin comes on to the digital scene at an opportune time, in the fast-changing world of the cryptocurrency, nothing seems to stay the same for long. Whether its unpredictable government interventions, or debates within the community about how the industry can and should be scaled, general growth in value thus far has been on the increase.

‘Africa should not be left behind we must catch on with the rest of the world and as such as IBS Consortium we will play our part in being innovators and help Africa to catch up if not overtake the cryptocurrency revolution we are making our make.’ Said Prophet Isaiah Sovi .