Miracle Word Embassy All Set for 3-day Conference

Miracle Word Embassy All Set for 3-day Conference

Headlining this Conference will be Miracle Word Embassy Leader Apostle Paul Sebele (a.k.a) ‘The Sniper’.

3Days of defeating Inherited Giants

‘3 DAYS OF DEFEATING INHERITED GIANTS’ that is the theme of the conference. Miracle Word Embassy is hosting what has been billed as the conference of conferences in Botswana. Molepolole, Legonono is the venue for this great event, which is pencilled in for 22-23 and 24 of September 2017.  

Headlining this Conference will be Miracle Word Embassy Leader Apostle Paul Sebele (a.k.a) ‘The Sniper’.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio, from the luxury of his hotel room in South Africa, where he had gone to meet with his spiritual father Uebert Angel. Apostle Paul said.

“I have been tremendously blessed to be in the presence of a mighty prophet and I was soaked in great teaching and flooded with love and grace and great spiritual gifts imparted on me. I want to go and share this grace with my people in Botswana and the 3 Days of Defeating Inherited Giants conference in Molepolole, Legonono will be the conference of all conferences, don’t miss this for anything.”

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Apostle Paul Sebele, leads Miracle Word Embassy one of the fastest growing churches in Botswana.

Considered a leader par excellence by many in the Christian circles and those in his community, Apostle Paul Sebele’s brand of gospel resonates with people. It is a feel-good, more exuberant worship service than the traditional kind, accompanied by contemporary music. Apostle Paul Sebele is a proponent of the prosperity gospel and he says “I do not subscribe to poverty as being part of what God entailed or intended for Christians, poverty is not our portion as Christians and we must never embrace it or give it space or room in our lives. Poverty is a demon that we must fight and defeat.”

Also, Miracle Word Embassy established a very strong youth ministry with top-notch programs for children. Once it began attracting young families, the growth just started to snowball. However, it is apostle Paul’s wife Rita that receives much credit for this aspect.

“He’s a tremendous leader,” said Asnath Moyo, church member and a successful entrepreneur. “We’re very fortunate to have a leader who could probably be a CEO of almost any company in this country. But, having said that, he would be the first to tell you it’s not about him.”

While Miracle Word Embassy’s phenomenal growth seems an anomaly today when so many churches have falling attendance, it’s really a common pattern, said Christian author and journalist, Brilliant Pongo.

Yes, overall church attendance is in decline in some churches particularly the ‘so-called-traditional ones’. Surveys show the percentage of people who regard themselves as Pentecostal-Christian has been exponentially increasing in southern Africa in the decade. Studies show people tend to become keener on religion fairly quickly where they are not certain about their physical wellbeing, have no health care and do not have some degree of personal liberty.

“You see it in every instance,” said Brilliant Pongo. Christianity has stalled in North America and Europe, but it’s growing in Asia, South America and Africa.

It’s the traditional denominations — Anglican, Lutheran, United Church, Catholic, that experience declining attendance. The evangelical churches are picking up the disaffected church members.

£ Days of defeating Inherited GiantsPongo maintains people are leaving mainstream churches partly because the churches have become more accepting of poverty as a normal thing. Whereas, people in Africa now prefer churches that confront this as a spiritual demon that needs a concerted spiritual response.”

“The churches doing well in Africa are ones that have a really hard-core salvation message and have a really strong prosperity message,” Pongo said.

A church such as Miracle Word Embassy, in other words is what Brilliant Pongo is describing and conferences such as the ‘3 DAYS OF DEFEATING INHERITED GIANTS’ are the type of thing that Africa is hungry for. Botswana is blessed it is happening in Molepolole, Legonono so don’t miss it.