Marshal Chiza An Example of Christ Like Love

Marshal Chiza An Example of Christ Like Love

Charitable giving is central to Christian spirituality


YOUNG author, motivational speaker and librarian Marshal Chiza is a great practical example of Christ-like-love while others of his age would spend their birthday’s splashing out on the latest luxuries, Marshal chose to focus on the less privilaged.

Marshal has a foundation called Poor Billionaire Foundation which helps the homeless particularly street kids. Marshal chose to celebrate his 20th birthday feeding and catering to some of the needs of Bulawayo’s the street kids.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio Marshal Chiza said the Poor Billionaire Foundation was started on the 6th of January 2017 to celebrate his birthday.

 “I want to help street kids, I want to empower them. I want to encourage them that there is a life outside the streets. You see it is our responsibility to infuse hope in the lives of the less privileged. As a people we must show love and care for the less privileged. The Poor Billionaire Foundation is a charity that has its name from my second book which is titled ‘Poor Billionaire’. I adapted the name from the book after I realised that the situation that these street kids find themselves can be turned around. Yes, they are poor today but they still hold the potential to become billionaires tomorrow and as such we have to inspire that hope and motivate them to want better.”

Christian author and Success Coach, Brilliant Pongo commended the work done by Marshal Chiza saying “We need to see more of such characters and personalities such as that of Marshal he is a role model and a perfect example of Christ-like-love.

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Charitable giving is central to Christian spirituality. Christians see everything they have, material and spiritual, as unmerited gifts from God. God gives them to us only because he is generous and wants to bless us. God is even a sacrificial giver. Jesus Christ, God-made-man, gave himself up to death so that we could be restored to relationship with God. God is so generous and loving that he holds nothing back that is for our benefit. How then could we, who have received so generously of his love, not be generous in turn to our fellow human beings? How could we not give sacrificially so that all persons, whether Christian or not, could receive God’s blessings? Choosing to give of your time and money as exemplified by Marshal Chiza is how Christians participate in God’s work of blessing this world.”

Marshal Chiza has gained fame for his writing prowess in 2016 he was recognised as the youngest author in Zimbabwe. He has authored multiple blockbuster motivational books and he is currently riding high with his latest book titled “Success in no time.”

Marshal Chiza also took time to thank his team for the work that they have done thus far and also acknowledged the celebrities that have endorsed the Poor Billionaire Foundation.

“I am grateful for the celebrities who have come out to support our foundation, Highlanders football star Gabriel Nyoni, Music super star Jays Marabini and Bulawayo based author Njabulo Moyo and many more you guys are incredible.” Said Chiza

Marshal Chiza an example of Christ like love
SOURCEOnward Christian Radio
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