Makandiwa gets permanent residence in South Africa?

Storm in a tea cup brewed by malicious online publications


Makandiwa Onward Christian RadioIn a serious case of abandonment shock and hurt,  Zimbabwean Christians and non -believers have taken to social media sharing in disbelief a document they believe is a South African Permanent residence grant for United Family International Church founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. Is this the end of an Prophetic era?  What will become of the mega church faithfuls?

In an exclusive interview with Onward Christian Radio. Spokesperson for UFIC church, Pastor Prime Kufa set the record straight saying nothing could be further from the truth.

“There are many of these fake documents that have been circulating since last year with the sole purpose of causing unnecessary panic in the Christian community. As we speak Prophet Makandiwa is based in Zimbabwe and has not applied for permanent residence in South Africa or any other country”

Putting an end to the malice Pastor Kufa highlighted that most of the fake pictures contain wrong information about Prophet Makandiwa’s  sex, age date of birthday etc. “There is one screenshot that purports that Emmanuel Makandwa is a female born in 1990.  These are fake baseless rumours from people who have nothing better to do with their time.  We are therefore urging people to disregard such malicious documents and reports from any sections of the media.”

Prophet Makandiwa was actually born on the 25th December not the 24th as stated in these bogus, documents.

Several online publications ran a  story using  the “leaked” photo as proof that the man of the cloth may be relocating to South Africa in response to the harsh economic environment currently facing Zimbabwe

With Zimbabweans leaving for greener pastures in droves, many were quick to believe that Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was also joining those in diaspora and neighbouring countries.

Makandiwa leads a large prophetic movement

UFIC is one of the largest prophetic movements in Zimbabwe to date. Prophet Makandiwa, launched his church in August 2008 as a lunch-hour fellowship at the Anglican Cathedral in Harare. The fellowship was so popular, that after only a week at the cathedral, it moved to the State Lotteries Hall and subsequently to the City Sports Centre. In 2010, United Family International Ministries, which comprises the United Family Interdenominational Ministries and the United Family International Church, was formed.

The Interdenominational ministry is the mother ministry of the other ministries and arms, which fall under the United Family International Ministries. Makandiwa’s wife, Pastor Ruth Makandiwa heads the charity ministry in UFIM, supporting widows and orphans financially and materially.