Jay Israel Senior has Redefined Forensic Prophesy if in doubt watch these...

Jay Israel Senior has Redefined Forensic Prophesy if in doubt watch these videos

Jay Israel Senior shocks the world with mind blowing miracles and wonders


The name Jay Israel Senior will now be permanently engraved in the prophetic hall of fame if such a place exists.

Stamping his authority on the prophetic scene the leader of Spirit Life Church, redefined what was previously defined as forensic prophesy. What prophet Jay Israel did during what was dubbed the ‘Perfume Service’ has indeed made him a name to be reckoned with in the prophetic circles.

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South Africa’s Eastern Cape province was left stunned, the type of miracles and the level of prophecy he is demonstrating demands worldwide attention. South Africa has taken notice of this emerging prophet, he surely cannot be ignored.

Prophet Jay Israel is already a great attraction on BAY TV his prophecies and ability to solve issues have gotten Africa all excited.

Jay Israel Senior is hardly lacking in motivation as he heads into the heavyweights of the prophetic he has redefined what was previously described as forensic prophecy and judging by what he did at the at the ‘Perfume Service’ a few weeks ago, the bar has definitely been raised.

Watch the video of what has been coined the CONDOM PROPHECY…

“What we witnessed today was truly amazing the miracles the prophetic word was shocking. I witnessed the making of prophet Jay Israel Senior those were defining moments of prophecy. New heights were reached today, I don’t think what we say today was ever done.” Said one of the guests who spoke to Onward Christian Radio.

Jay Israel Senior has shocked the world not once, but multiple times all in one service this aptly dubbed ‘Perfume Service’ has surely left a different fragrance and aroma in the prophetic circles Prophet Jay Israel Senior has indeed left a mark.

Watch the video below a woman is shown her philandering husband through a ‘spiritual mirror’ witness it for yourself.

Prophet Jay Israel promises much greater things to come

“In our world this is what we were born to do – Prophesy, edify, uplift and comfort ,” the prophet told Onward Christian Radio . “It’s our destiny to do great things and I believe it’s my time to shine tell the world there is a prophet named Jay Israel and don’t forget Senior.”


  1. Prophet Jay Israel Senior has done great things for East London thank you Daddy and he is about to do greater things.