Gospel Hip Hop Artist behind the Song Celebrating Uebert Angel Found

Gospel Hip Hop Artist behind the Song Celebrating Uebert Angel Found

The song came from the heart


Hip Hop GospelThe Gospel Hip Hop artist behind the song celebrating Uebert Angel, has been found. 

Last March in 2016, we published an article in the hope that someone would identify the mysterious artist behind the song celebrating Prophet Uebert Angel. It was akin to the Cinderella tale. Onward Christian Radio tried to find the artist behind the song after we sent the song to the prophet he tweeted that he would like to talk to the artist behind the song.

Prophet Uebert Angel’s simply said:

“Whosoever DID this SONG I want to talk to them. Pliz find them!”

After we published the article and started the search our office was inundated with messages from many who claimed to be the artist behind the song. However, the lyrical glass shoe did not seem to fit all the pretenders.

Almost 11 months after the mystery has been solved. Onward Christian Radio can reveal that the mysterious rapper is Buqaqawuli Nelson Rala. Also, known as NelsonGreat.

Hip Hop is what I do

Onward Christian Radio, can confirm that NelsonGreat is alive. Living and breathing and content, simply composing music and ministering the gospel in Durban.

“I am a gospel hip-hop artist with over 50 songs in my arsenal. These songs are ready to be released to the world.” He said in an exclusive interview with Onward Christian Radio.

When we mentioned that we’d been looking for him for months, he was surprised, responding that he has been right there all along and going about his day-by-day life as an upcoming gospel artist in Durban. Looking for his big breakthrough.

Watch exclusive interview with Hip Hop artist Nelson Great

He is an energetic young and talented artist with a bright future. He looks forward with both his life and music and his interest is in ministering the gospel via his chosen genre of music Hip Hop.

NelsonGreat, spoke of how he had been discouraged from using Hip Hop as a means of conveying the gospel by most of his pastors in his area. He also lamented the fact that mainstream recording companies wanted him to drop the Jesus Christ focus in his music. “That is a change I am not willing to make I want to sing about the Good news, I want to be a good news rapper.”

He told us repeatedly, “I am a lyricist, I paint pictures with words. Hip Hop is the best way I can express myself. I am reassured and uplifted to know that prophet Uebert Angel, has listened to my song.” Asked, how he came up with that song he said, “That song was from the heart every word and beat and we should ‘have a ball’ with that and celebrate a living legend.”

His dream is to meet Prophet Uebert Angel in person. The multi-millionaire philanthropist prophet Uebert Angel is known to support young musicians and artists. He has links with major international producers and is well connected to a whole range of Hollywood actors.

That connection will catapult NelsonGreat to heights unknown.


Gospel Hip Hop Artist behind the Song Celebrating Uebert Angel Found
SOURCEOnward Christian Radio
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  1. Great guy. Loved the song and this reminds me of the days Mudiwa Hood did and would perform cha lander chikopokopo in our days of Zanu Pf HQ and Sheraton Hotel

  2. Long live the Prophetic legend, long live long live. This is a song for prophet Uebert Angel. ………..boy i love this song. Well done,