Demonstration ‘March Against False Prophets’ set for Johannesburg.

Demonstration ‘March Against False Prophets’ set for Johannesburg.

We’ve been silent too long. A lot of people have kept this inside us for years and years.”


A South African pressure group ‘Speak The Truth’ has organised a protest march dubbed “March Against False Prophet”

The group is expecting HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE on Wednesday 14 of March to participate in the march which will start from Johannesburg  Theatre Braamfontein at 10:30am.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio one of the organisers Martins Antonio said the march is against false prophets who are wrecking havoc in the body of Christ, the church and breaking marriages and relationships. We are coming together in support of victims of sexual assault and harassment happening in some of these prophet led churches, a lot has been happening in these churches a lot of victims have been threatened and silenced but we thank God for those who are now standing up to say enough is enough this must now be exposed and stopped.”

The procession is expected to march to the Human Rights Commission where they will present a memorandum to Commissioner of S.A Human Rights Commission.

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Demonstrators who are expected to come to the march at the iconic Johannesburg Theatre Braamfontein, are asked to dress in black.
Martins Antonio told Onward Christian Radio that he is a victim of a false prophecy which wrecked his family.

“I have been abused verbally and I continue to receive all sorts of threats and nasty messages for speaking up against false prophets.” I am a South African born in Buffalo, I am from Pomfret, North West. My parents are from Angola and yes I have been called names by those who are uncomfortable with truth.”

Commenting on this proposed march Onward Christian Radio columnist and counsellor to victims of sexual abuse Gloria Gudza (the female General of God) said, “We’ve been silent too long. A lot of people have kept this inside us for years and years.”

She stated further that “It is difficult for some young women who have been manipulated into sex by church leaders to speak out. Most of the perpetrators are indeed prominent people in the prophetic churches so many broken girls have been dismissed as lairs or accused of trying to extort these rich prophets.

Season pongo Onward christian radioWe will soon properly launch the #TouchMeNot social media movement to help more women to find strength to speak up against these heinous crimes. Sexual abuse is very damaging not only physically it also has serious mental and spiritual effects on these women. Many of our young daughters are broken and trapped in these dangerous situations where their spiritual leader becomes abuser and they are told it the will of God. They have nowhere to run and this is very scary.

We now calling all sensible individuals to action. Indeed, inaction in this case is as bad as the crime of rape itself. I call upon all women, all you young ladies out there to speak out: If you know of a women who has been sexually harassed or assaulted by a Church leader write ‘#TouchMeNot’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.

Let’s go and support the March on the 14 the time to stop all the abuse is now happy women’s month.”

The modern prophetic churches have been growing in Southern Africa and it is not known how those who are pro-prophets will react to this proposed march. It would be telling to see who responds to being called a false prophet.


  1. We need to stand and clean up now is time we have been quite for century while hearing negative things in the house of God and not doing anything, where should the truth come from, what are we leaving for our upcoming generation. I’m tired of hearing this word you bazalwani, your churches all of sort negative comments about the church of God. Enough is enough had to stop. Let us be confidence and do what is right. Enjoy Christ with peace

  2. I believe demonstrating against alleged ‘false prophets’ is a non starter. Such events are always highjacked by the devil.false prophets have been around in South Africa for a very very long time yet no one said anything. The false prophets which are in the bible and which are truly legitimetly false are those who marry many wives from their churches and yet prophecy. False prophets who mix traditional culture and the word of God. False prophets who were forcing people to pay for consultations as if they are Sangomas. False prophets who do not read the bible in their churches yet prophecy. False Prophets who mix herbs and the word of God. Those false prophets have slept with many people’s wives giving them children and yet no one said anything. Why was a toyi toyi not organised in the 80s 90s 2000s for those ‘prophets’? Its because now the true prophets that are around speak the truth as is in the bible and do not mix with sangomas that people want to toyi toyi. Yes some prophets have done bad things but also some women have accused prophets falsely because they threw themselves to a prophet who rejected them. A toyi toyi will never help but like in the times of the killing of the Apostles will cause condemnation of true prophets. Most talk about alleged ‘false prophets’ is from the devil via one of his tools called the Rurmurs or via the Grapevine. That is why God created the police to investigate such matters and find out the truth and arrest the criminals.

  3. Hey, cant you see the Bushiris and ilk are daylight con men hiding between bible pages? Bushir must fall. Fall Fall Fall!

  4. What about fake sangomas who take money to the people of God, what about herbalist who have been here for years, making illegal abortions to our kids? Has anybody decided to toyi toyi, I was one of the victims, what about those sangomas who attempt to sleep with you in the time of need, aaag, mxm