Darling, You look Perfect, Thelma Will says ‘Yes’ to Marriage Proposal at...

Darling, You look Perfect, Thelma Will says ‘Yes’ to Marriage Proposal at her Brand Launch Party

I said YES to being the mother of your kids and growing old together.


On Friday (March 2), Zimbabwean business woman Thelma Will and her boyfriend, Peter Flames who is a man of God and Prophet, the leader of El-Shaddai Worship City, took their relationship to the next level by getting engaged on stage at Thelma Will’s brand launch.

As Thelma was launching her brand (Thelma Will) we can only imagine that for Peter a song was in his mind maybe the famous lines from Edd Sheeran’s hit song ‘Perfect’, “darling, you look perfect tonight”, were playing repeatedly in his mind. A louder than usual cheer erupted from the guests at the Brand launch, as Peter, who was sitting front row and centre, was on one knee and proposed to his sweetheart Thelma.

Shocked with her hands over her face, Thelma eventually let out a “yes” and Peter threw his hands in the air in joy then warmly embraced her, with the crowd bursting into cheers, sharing in the moment with the pair.

Thelma Will is one of Zimbabwe’s most enterprising young business women. She is the CEO of TPC Mobile a fast-growing mobile company that is taking the Zimbabwean market by storm.

Her mobile company is already looking at expanding its market share and reach to other countries like Zambia, South Africa and Namibia.

Not only is she a business champion. Thelma also runs a charity foundation called Thelma Will Foundation which helps the less privileged, widows and orphans in particular across various parts of the world.

Speaking to Onward Christian Radio about her surprise engagement, Thelma said “it was like a double surprise. Here I was happy to see Peter at my brand launch. I didn’t know he was flying in from Zambia, for the event, so he surprised me. Then he got on one knee to propose, it was truly a double surprise and I am still in shock.”

Writing on her Facebook wall Thelma’s exemplary charisma and role model qualities were showcased in this post.

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“Wow! Am still shocked, who would have ever thought that this once broken and insecure girl would one day find a handsome God-fearing man kneeling before her asking for her hand in marriage. Who would even have a clue that the girl who once felt like she is not enough would one day find a fine gentleman saying you are everything that I prayed for. When he knelt before me I wanted to turn back and run away for I felt unworthy and undeserving but the look in his eyes gave me an assurance that I was best candidate for the unbelievable miracle that was set before me.

And so my King Peter Flames, I said YES to being your wife, your best friend and your prayer partner. I said YES to being the mother of your kids and growing old together. I said YES to your leadership which I fully submit myself to. I would have written a book but, yet words fail me. Thank you for choosing me to be the Queen in your castle. I love you endlessly…”

This is not a fairy-tale this is real. On my personal behalf and on behalf of Onward Christian Radio, I would like to congratulate Thelma and Peter. Thelma you are a great role model to all young women not only in Zimbabwe but the world over. You bring hope to Christian faith.