Church fights will expose the wolves; the sex predator pastors and prophets

Church fights will expose the wolves; the sex predator pastors and prophets

The wolves are saying the sheep are wolves and the sheep are saying look in the mirror Mr. wolf.


Conflicts have always plagued the Church. But it’s normally members fighting members. And the leaders come to the rescue of the church and uphold the integrity and dignity of the body of Christ. The church leaders normally speak peace and common sense prevails in the body of Christ.

But there is something nauseating and repugnant happening in the body of Christ. For way too long, the church has protected sexual predators and abusers. Prophets and pastors have manipulated and bullied their members forcing them to be silent about the sex scandals and abuse that are prevalent in the church.

What we are witnessing now in South Africa is a very interesting but disturbing development. The church is divided, there are rifts and fights, within the body of Christ. Church is rising against church. Prudent leaders are now challenging sexual immorality and undoubtedly, fissures are becoming clear. Accusations and counter-accusations are being thrown this way and that way. The wolves are saying the sheep are wolves and the sheep are saying look in the mirror Mr. wolf.

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To a certain degree these fights are exposing the wolfs that have crept into the body of Christ disguised as sheep. However, when elephants fight the grass gets hurt. When church leaders pick fights with other churches/church-leaders, this only serves to sow seeds of distrust and disunity. It is the congregation that suffers the most.

While we can never eliminate all difficult issues between Christians, we can seek to manage the relationships in the most healthy and godly manner, if we are all sheep and none is a wolf feigning to be a sheep. Unfortunately, in some churches, the leaders who are supposed to encourage peace are the ones permitting and televising verbal attacks and uttering disparaging remarks towards other churches and other church leaders in an unhealthy, unbiblical, and ungodly manner. Allow me to share five thoughts about these bad situations.

  1. The unity in the body of the Christ is compromised when church leaders fight against each other. Unity in the body of Christ is a beautiful but delicate reality. When a church is unified, the congregation has “favour with all the people” (Acts 2:47). When the staff break that unity, the church is not healthy.
  2. Church leaders should pray for each other and with each other. The power of prayer can turn that which is broken into a miraculously healed relationship.
  3. Church leaders should not conspire in darkness. I have heard too many stories of churches and church leaders working behind the backs of another church or church leader with whom they have an issue. Such an approach is deplorable and ungodly. That leads to my next thought.
  4. Have open and honest conversations. Church leaders should have the courage and the fortitude to share their disagreements with each other. Sometimes the problems are more misunderstandings than real differences.
  5. Avoid the infamous “people are saying.” If you, as a church leader, have a problem with another church leader, never use this phrase. Speak for yourself and give the names of the parties of whom you are speaking. Anything else is cowardice.

The mutual antagonism of ECG and Charis Missionary Church is now well established and evident for all to see. For the past couple of months, the fissures and the animosity between the two have been acknowledged, even in the secular mindset, as implacably opposed.

While some divisions among Christians are obvious, others are subtler. Why does God allow it? Is it because He wants to make it hard on us? Or are the reasons as old as the church itself? Satan has always been involved in the church. It is notable that the first place Jesus cast out a demon was in the synagogue, which was Jesus’ church (Mark 1:23-27).

The devil has always been at work in the church. I guess he felt if he couldn’t beat them, he would just join them. His ways are subtle, so it is important to see how he has caused such division. With this in mind, it is imperative to seek God and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in identifying who is used by God and identify the wolves, because we have this church accusing that church. This prophet saying that Apostle is not of God. The Apostle saying beware of false prophets. Who is fooling who?

Let us explore the methods of this master tactician and how we can overcome his influence. Sometimes it is wise to check the evidence. (Scripture says by their fruits ye shall know them).

Don’t be fooled. The number of people that come to a church is not a barometer or a measure of the leader’s holiness or a sign of the church being a place of God. Character and integrity could be a better way to measure these leaders. Wise up people some of the shepherds are devils disguised as man of God.

Time will reveal the hidden secrets and that time is fast approaching.

This week I will not say much, but I end by sharing a video clip. Please watch the video below it shows part of the war, I am talking about. Again I ask who is fooling who?

May God grant you wisdom to be able to discern His presence. Till next time God bless you all.