Champions stand tall as they clothe and feed victims of Hurricane Harvey

Champions stand tall as they clothe and feed victims of Hurricane Harvey

Champions stand tall in face of hurricane Harvey

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championsSome churches in Houston, Texas are said to have closed their doors in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which has caused catastrophic flooding and forced thousands to leave their homes.

At a time like this the true mantle of Christians attitude and behaviour is put to the test. As the world looks at how churches in the Houston, Texas area respond to the hurricane. Huston is said to have over 1500 Christian churches. This has become the focal point to view how those who profess to be Christ-like perform in the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

In the mad scramble for information about the crisis and the uncertain circumstances, a fertile ground has been prepared for wildly exaggerated claims and fake news.

Such was the case with a meme that hit home during the furore claiming that 96% churches purportedly closed their doors to victims — itself a grossly distorted report. In that moment of consternation, a claim arose that only 60 of 1,566 Houston-area churches were open to flood victims.

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The statistics are completely baseless, and indeed, are defied by numerous reports of Christian organizations opening their doors and arms to flood victims.

Critically, some major news organisations that held vendettas primarily against prosperity gospel preachers, jumped on and used the fake news as a weapon against churches. Most of the humanitarian work and aid that the churches have provided in the aftermath of this terrible disaster have gone unnoticed.

Champions stand tall and face hurricane Harvey

Houston based pastors Chris and Aquila Tyson, did not let this negative campaign against churches deter them from focusing on the work they must do to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Onward Christian Radio managed to catch up with Pastors Chris Tyson who leads the Champions Global Church and we spoke to him about the “Clothing Drive” they started to help the thousands affected by the hurricane.

Responding to our question regarding how the campaign had gone so far? Pastor Chris, said: “The outpouring of love and support from the community was heart-warming”.

They collected clothing donations and teamed up with local businesses to provide hot meals. Pastor Chris stated: “The La-Quinta Inn provided hot meals each night to those impacted by hurricane Harvey and to all First Responders. We pulled together to help rebuild, restore and lift our community, this is who we are. We are Champions!”

Champions Global was a proud sponsor along with the La-Quinta Inn, Wal-Mart and Kroger for the Clothing Drive. Through this operation over 300 Houstonians who were impacted by hurricane Harvey were fed and provided a place to stay. In addition, a Distribution Center was setup, Friday, September 1st. From 11AM – 7PM, where organizations and hundreds of volunteers donated clothing for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Infants, along with blankets, shoes, toys, non-perishable food items and bottled water.

Pastor Chris and his wife pastor Aquila Tyson. Thanked the Champions Global Family, Volunteers and those who donated to make the Clothing Drive a Success.